Super Junior as your boyfriend
Let me get this straight

Those fanfic authors who are like “15 comments or i’m not updating”

I’m thankful for everyone who subs videos and tweets into English

Apparently MAMA 2013 is a trending tag on tumblr.

Reblog if kpop is your escape

Suho was a member of the flower boy band in Attack of the Pin Up Boys


Not sure if I’m worried or super excited O.O

ELF feels during 2013




• Still waiting for Heechul and Leeteuk
• K.R.Y’s first Japanese Single
• Super Junior M’s comeback
• Zhou Mi and Henry’s debut stage in Korea
• Super Show 5
• Yesung’s Enlistment
• Eunhae’s comeback
• Henry’s debut as a solo artist

• Super Junior’s 1st Japanese Album

  • Kyuhyun’s new song “Love Dust”
  • Super Show 4 Live Album
  • Hanamizuki PV
  • Hero MV
  • Ryeowook’s new OST “Maybe Tomorrow”
  • Heechul’s Comeback
This is so beautiful. They’re so happy to have their hyung back. Look at their faces! They’re all glowing. For them, this is more than just a member returning to the group…this is their brother finally coming home after 2 years. This is what super junior means when they say that they’re a family. And if you can’t see that in this picture then you are blind.

And at my funeral someone will say, “she was sucked into the world of Kpop at an early age. She tried to escape but in the end she died from too many feels.”

Omg guys PLS stop hating the entire exotic fandom and don’t hate exo! Just hate the stupid ones. I’m an ELF and I agree that those exotics have hurt our fandom but PLS! I know I made the rant post about what happened with shindong but keep in mind that I’m pissy and emotional and crap OMG REMEMBER TO NOT JUDGE THE FANDOM BECAUSE OF A FEW STUPID PEOPLE! THOSE CRAZY IDIOTS DONT EVEN DESERVE TO BE CALLED FANS! PLS DONT HATE THE ENTIRE FANDOM! I HAVE FRIENDS THAT ARE EXOTICS AND THEY’RE SOME OF THE BEST PEOPLE I KNOW!! IT’S JUST THE CRAZY ONES IN KOREA!!! OMG!! OMG!!!

Most anticipated comeback of the year:

Kim Heechul

Less than 2 weeks guys :D